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Ки Таво

Заметка для недельного листка нашей синагоги по недельному разделу Ки Таво: здесь. На двух языках: русский и иврит.

philosophy and poetry

I wrote a poem after visiting Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens. My brother called it
"Song of Innocence"

Lost? Regained?.. Paradise
Twinkles softly in my eyes.
Birds and mountains, plants and trees –
Gentle soil and tender leaves…

Thinkers argue where You hide –
High in Heaven You reside,
Or You dwell in every grain,
Shine as Sun, and pour as rain?

I sometimes think Your world,
So full of grass and birds
Does not need all their words,
Long as spears and cruel as swords.

My brother brotherinlaw answered to it with his
"Song of Experience" , somewhat somber:

If His transcendence you miss
There for you His silence is.
Pull a plough or draw a sword -
You will never hear a word.

If His immanence you seek
Wait, and up He'll surely speak:
Ever since you joined the game
He's been here to lay His claim.

Am I Hamlet?

My lonely song's disheveled and unread,
My lonely cry is coarse and unheard.
My lonely heart is trying to pretend
As if the slings and arrows do not hurt…

Well, Hamlet I am not. I've made my choice:
For sure, to be! And even if my voice
Fails to penetrate those stone walls,
I still will sing, even when the bell tolls.
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